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EACCME Credits

Most of the contents of the site are suitable for full-qualified gastroenterologists, paediatricians, allergists, ENT specialists, and specialists working in digestive endoscopy, regardless of their familiarity with EoE. In addition, the course is aimed at primary care family doctors and paediatricians.

The online content of the site is also accessible for nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and nutritionists, as well as researchers and clinical scientists interested in this disease. Despite EACCME certificates will be provided to all health care professional completing the e-learning modules, it is up to the healthcare professional’s association to recognise the EACCME credits on a voluntary basis.    

Likewise, gastroenterologists, allergists and pediatricians in training are welcome, as well as medical students in advanced years interested in these specialties. EACMME certificates will not be provided for this group of learners, however.

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